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“Erebus” the new LP album is ready now, with 6 heavy stoner songs, showing a big growth since their first release. There are more instrumental moments, with also acoustic guitars, synth and hammond arrangements. Erebus will be released in November 2016 by Go Down Records. Artwork by Inkline.


released November 5, 2016



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Elepharmers Cagliari, Italy

Elepharmers is a stoner rock band formed in 2009 in Sardinia. Influenced by the sunny and unspoiled landscapes of their land, Elepharmers play the sound of the 70es, mixed with raw blues, psychedelia & 90's stoner rock.
They released 2 albums "Weird Tales from the Third Planet" and "Erebus" .Elepharmers played with Karma to Burn, Red Fang, Yawning Man, Mars Red Sky, Electric Moon & many others
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Track Name: Erebus
Track Name: Spiders
Heavy thoughts eating up my brain
I got spiders into my head
Cold shivers down my spine
I am drowning in my bed
Like a fly caught in a web
I’m a train gone off its rail
When the spiders eat my brain
I feel naked in the rain
Don’t follow me, don’t ask to me
I have lost my mind far away from here
Don’t trust in me, run away from me
I’m not that kind of guy that you’d like me to be
Track Name: The River
Day by day, hour by hour
My life sinks down in a lie
Step by step, hanging around
I dig my hole in the ground
I hear voices calling me
They’re chasing me through the fog
I try to run away from here
But I can’t find my way home
One by one false friends are betraying me
The dogs are showing their teeth
Naked hands and cracked skin
I dig my hole in the ground
Slow slow slow the river flows
The poison runs through my veins
Slow slow slow the river flows
We’re waiting for the rain
I’m drowning in these troubled waters
Sinking down into the deep
I feel my bones become heavier
And the river is dragging me down
Lost souls are twisting around me
They’re twisting into the flow
Cold hands are grabbing my ankles
I’m trying to swim to survive
Track Name: Cannibal Supernova
I see you dancing like a gipsy
Shining brightly like a star
All those dudes wheelin’ around you
Just like flies around a light
Now my world starts dancing around you
And I’m sliding down the floor
I think I’m drowning in a bottle
While my eyes are watching you
Track Name: Of Mud and Straw
Slow sunset of a long summer
Childhood’s end left a trace on my face
But my soul still plays here
An old woman sits in front of her house
Those walls made of mud and straw
Endure through the years standing still
Behind this uplands the cradle of my world
I search for a shelter to clean my wounds
‘Cause these walls made of mud and straw still stand
We stay here, we still stand
We belong to this place, to these dry fields
We stay here, we carry on
We belong to this land, to this mud and straw
We stay here, we survive
Now the barley grows, and the storm has passed
Track Name: Deneb
Let’s have another beer
Let’s play another song
Keep on smiling my brother
Don’t leave me alone
While you’re travelling for a million miles
Reaching the speed of light
I’m watching the sky collapse
While you’re crossing the gates of time
I’ve seen those eyes in the mirror
I’ve seen a shape in the corner of my eye
I’m searching for a door to cross
While gravity stretches the time
Lost in infinite dreams
So far away from my mothership
Like an ape on a silver raft
As a castaway survived the shipwreck
Now my prow points to the Swan’s tail
The lighthouse of deeper space
Far away many light-years from home
I’m a lonely sailor but I’m not alone
I’ll never be alone
(to Cris Nocco)